All the retired civil servants that Foroyaa spoke to when they converged to receive their pay described their pension pay as a pittance. Imagine working for your country for decades only to receive a pension of only D82 which is not adequate to provide breakfast for a family just for one day! The low pension pay is what forces most retired civil servants to look for other jobs at a time when they are supposed to be resting after serving their nation in their life time. It is unimaginable that a retired civil servant receives a pension pay far less than the price of a bag of rice which is now about D1000. Needless to say, a government that cares about its people will always be concerned with their plight. Foroyaa will get in touch with the ministry of finance and economic affairs to find out whether there is any plan to review the pensions of retired civil servants and if any, to provide information so that the public will be informed accordingly.  ]]>

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