Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Reminding Gambians


This period should always be backed by contemplation. All Gambians should take such time for stock taking. During this period in 2017 the country was marked by uncertainty. The power of the outgoing president was still intact. Media houses were being closed, posters were being removed and arrests continued, refugees were still departing. The Coalition Spokesperson was still addressing the nation on behalf of the President elect to promote sanity. The nation was hanging in between war and peace and no one could dismiss the potential for war.

In this regard, Gambians should make it a point of duty to build the type of society that would prevent such a situation of uncertainty from ever arising again. Each should take stock and ask oneself the question what type of Gambian am I? What type of Gambia do I want? What do I need to do to bring it about? Then take a decision today to be among the architects of the country that you will be proud to bequeath to your children and children’s children.

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