The Gambia Tourism Board through the Director of Finance and Administration requested the publication of the following clarifications. Correction 1 It is wrongly stated that, “The Finance Director of the Gambia Tourism Board Mr Ousainou Senghore disclosed to members of the joint session of the Public Account and Public Enterprise Committee of the National Assembly that The Gambia would pay 21 million every year for the upcoming 23 years.” The correct statement is: “The total amount owed to UNWTO for the last 23 years is 21 million dalasis which represents unpaid subscriptions from 1992 to 2013. This amount is equivalent to 396,011 using the exchange rate at the time.” Correction 2 In the third paragraph it is wrongly stated, “Mr Senghore disclosed the amount to be paid stands at €360,000 in total as arrears to UNWTO as an arrear the country has accumulated during the last 24 years including the yearly subscription fees onwards amounting to 21 million dalasis each year.” The correct statement is: “The total amount is 396,011 using the exchange rate at the time.” Editor’s Note The error is deeply regretted and more training will be given to the reporter on National Assembly reporting by attaching him to a senior reporter.  ]]>

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