By Mamadou Dem

Police prosecutors yesterday presented more witnesses in the trial of Yusupha Saidy who is currently standing trial at the Magistrates’ Court in Banjul presided over by Magistrate Omar Jabang.

Testifying as the fourth prosecution witness, Omar Sarr told the court that he is a resident of Lamin Village, Kombo North and that he is a Cargo officer at Ballore Africa Logistics. He said his functions are to weigh and load goods that are for shipment; adding that though he doesn’t know the accused person he could recognise him.

According to him on the day in question, while in his office he received a call from one of the staff who told him that someone wants to send something. He then went out and met three people who showed him four iron boxes which were to be sent to Bamako, Mali, but that he told them it can be sent via Senegal and not directly to Bamako.

PW4 further disclosed to the court that he called the security officers together with Civil Aviation officers who took the items for inspection and upon weighing the items weighed about 140Kg. “We inspected the items to know whether they can be carried by our flight and after inspection we discovered that the items can be transported by our flight. Then I called my office for documentation of the shipment as well as the receiver of the said items. The address of the receiver and the sender were given to us and after weighing the items we charged them about $US300 which is equivalent to D17,000.00. The said money was paid to the cashier and they were issued a receipt and air weigh bill.”

Police Prosecutor Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Almameh Manga at that point applied to tender the said document in evidence as exhibit after they were identified by the witness and they were accordingly admitted as exhibits without objection from the defence team, barristers Sheriff Tambadou and Loubna Farage.

Under cross-examination, the witness said he doesn’t know the name of the tough guy who gave him the address of the sender and the receiver of the said items nor his nationality. He added that the sender under normal circumstances should sign unless if they forget.

Next to be called was the fifth prosecution witness who told the court that his names are Leon Gomez residing at Fajikunda. He said, “I work at the office of the President as Special Operation Operative. I received instructions from my boss to go and search for the accused person and upon receiving the information, we left for the search and upon arrival at the office of the accused person we met him outside his office and we introduced ourselves as officers and informed him that he is needed at our office. The accused did not resist and he boarded the vehicle. Upon arrival at our office, we handed him over to the necessary officers.”

PW5 testified that few days later they went to the office and residence of the accused to conduct a search but nothing illegal was found which could be a threat to national security. At that stage, ASP Manga applied for an adjournment to call their final witness before closing their case. Hearing resumes on April 26, 2016.


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