Friday, July 19, 2019

‘Pro-Gambia’ Sensitizes On Responsibilities Towards PND


By Nelson Manneh     

‘Pro-Gambia’ Association has commenced the sensitization of students on ‘Responsibilities of Citizens towards Positive National Development (PND).’

PRO-Gambia Association Executive

The Association moves from one School to the next in order to meet students during normal assembly sessions to enlighten them on the responsibilities and contributions towards positive national development.

Essa ‘Jesus’ Jatta the secretary general of the association, said it is the responsibility of every citizen to make sure that the nation is developed; that students should not term themselves as children because they have important roles to play as citizens. He urge them to be serious with their duties and work hard to become responsible in the nearest feature.

“As good Citizens we all have role and responsibilities to play. We have to develop our mother land, and should not expect people to come from outside and develop our country for us. They can influence and dictate us towards their own selfish interests by allowing such,” he said.

Malick Joof the PRO of the Association, said the rights of any individual goes with responsibilities; that their objective as an association is to see some difference on how citizens work to develop their nation. “Refrain yourselves from all forms of violence and tribalism. Always strive for unity and national development,” he said; that as far as the Association is concern, with or without funds they will continue to play their part, to make sure that the future generation is aware of their responsibilities.

The Association continues to meet other schools within the greater Banjul area and beyond.

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