Friday, July 19, 2019

Prisons Acting Director General assures access to media



The Acting Director General of Prison Department, Ansumana Manneh who took over from his predecessor David Colley who was removed from office two weeks back assured journalists a free access to his office by the media.

The acting Director General made these remarks during his interview with the press recently at the Mile 2 Central prison during the process of the release of the 98 Prisoners.

Mr. Manneh said for him he has no problem talking with the Press unlike before when the Press found it very difficult to access information from the prisons authority.

“Media during the past era of the former Director General was seen as our enemy but for me I am very much open to the media because this is not my first time to face the media. I served as admin officer during the former DG’s time around 2010-2012 and one of the newspapers came to interview me and the newspaper was later banned,” he remarked.

He further stated that in this current situation he will not have a problem to talk to the media.

Mr. Manneh said after taking up the mantle of leadership as the acting D.G his first priority was to come and visit the prison.

“Definitely I was really shocked when I saw the condition of the prison, because it is in a very bad condition,” he remarked.

He further took the opportunity to advise the released prisoners to go and engage in a meaningful life; he added though that some were brought to prison accidentally.

Mr. Manneh described managing a prison as a daunting challenge, and as a result there is need for all stakeholders to be on board not only government but those other partners should help in standardizing the prison facilities.

He said he is encouraging partnership in building the prisons to modern standards.

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