Monday, July 22, 2019

Prices of Basic Food Commodities at the Market


By Fatoumata K. Jallow In the face of increasing price hikes in the market, this reporter was out and about Bag of onion and potatoesyesterday, 18th May, 2015 to find out the current prices of basic of food commodities. Visiting the Serrekunda market, the traders gave this reporter the following prices: A bag of the American rice brand is D1200 and the retail price is cup is D6, while variety called ‘Sadam’ costs D1400 for a bag and D8 per cup. The 20 litres, 10 litres and 5 litres of cooking oil cost D975, D575 and D300, respectively. A bag of Irish potatoes costs D500 while the kilo is D35. A bag of onion is at D400 while the kilo is D30. Flour is D1500 for the bag. Sugar is selling at D1350 per bag and D8 per cup. As for steak, a kilo costs D250 while a kilo of meat and bones is D225. One fish (Bonga) costs for 3 while tomato paste is D150. At Larikunda Sabiji market all the prices are the same except meat and bones which sells less at D200 per kilo.  ]]>

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