#GambiaHasDecided is a civil society initiative based in The Gambia borne out of the need and urgency to restore our democracy after the decision of Outgoing President Jammeh purportedly annulling the elections and challenging same at the Supreme Court of The Gambia.

We are a non-violent and peaceful group exercising our constitutional right of Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Associate. We are abhorred by the actions and efforts by security personnel and some executive officers particularly Mr. Bala Jahumpa in trying to silence our voices, the voice of the Gambian people who voted for change. Our billboards have been destroyed by security personnel in uniform and we are aware of the steps being taken to stop our campaign. It is ironic that the executive with the monopoly of power and security is using the same apparatus to destroy private property to silence our voices. We heard the outgoing President complain about the vandalization of APRC posters and we did not condone the destruction of any APRC private property. In the same vein, we expect that our property is protected as citizens of The Gambia and our constitutional rights respected.

As an initiative established for the promotion of democracy, we believe in the co-existence of diverse political views and ideology. We believe in a democratic space where violence and force have no place other than protecting the citizenry.

We urge the outgoing President Jammeh as commander in chief to advise his security men to desist from destroying or removing our billboards and banners. Our actions are for the preservation of democracy which is the only way to ensure peace and stability in our motherland.

For The Gambia our Homeland


Salieu Taal

Chair, #Gambia Has Decided



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