By Louise Jobe

The President of the Republic Adama Barrow, has sent a delegation to Faraba Banta on Thursday June 21st 2018.

The delegation was led by Amie Bojang Sissoho, Col. Camara, a State Guard Commander, Lt. Col. Jawneh, of the State Guards, SIS Director Sowe and Mobile Unit Commander Lamin King Colley.

At Faraba Banta, the head of the delegation explained to villagers the deep regrets of the president on the unfortunate incident which led to the fatal shooting of three youth. The head of delegation informed villagers of the president’s intention to visit them tomorrow Friday June 22nd, to meet with the families of the bereaved and injured to discuss the way forward. 

The delegation pleaded with the youth to forgive and behave themselves and not to take the law in their own hands.

Villagers in turn appreciated the presidential delegation’s visit and said they have accepted the president’s wish to visit the village. However villagers put it to the delegation that they want to see justice done and maintained that ‘Julakay’ Company vacate their community.

The Imam of the village thanked the delegation and said as good Muslims, they can forgive, if asked; but that the delegation should know that the community of Faraba Banta is in deep sadness and because of the heavy loss of life, it will not be that easy for them to forget what has happened.

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