by Ousman Sillah
Addressing the members of the armed and security services of theYaya Jammeh
Gambia at the end of a solidarity march on Friday, 10 January, in
support of his government in the aftermath of the 30 December 2014
attack, President Yahya Jammeh apologised to the British government
for comments he had made against them.He said for the purpose of setting the records straight, the British
government has so far not been implicated in the attack on state house
by insurgents, adding that although the insurgents have thanked both
the British and US governments in the statement they should have read
after taking over the government.
President Jammeh made this apology after he had already ended his
speech and started shaking hands with those who were at the pavilion
with him, including the British Ambassador.
“To straighten the record, let me mention those countries that support
these people and thess people came from we mentioned Britain. The
British High Commissioner is here. I invited him to come. I apologise
to Britain because as far as the investigations are concerned, up to
this stage, there is no evidence of British government involvement for
which I apologise to the British High Commissioner,” said President
He said there are dissidents but that none of them came from Britain.
”And I also want to make it very clear, I am a true Muslim. Gambians
are true Muslims and true Muslims will never hate other human beings.
Let me make it very clear that even the United States of America, I am
not an enemy of the United States of America, the people of the United
States of America, I am not an enemy of the government of the United
States of America. We are not enemies of the people of United States
of America but we will not be dictated to,” said President Jammeh.
He added “We may have problems with their government and their system.
That has nothing to do with the common American people. They are good
people, so also is Britain. Many British citizens, retired civil
servants and I hope Mr. Ambassador may be there is no retired former
colonial secretary who lives in the Gambia but he is welcome. Many
British citizens who retired feel free at home in the Gambia. For even
if we have a problem with their government we have no problem with the
British people. You have seen for yourself on the New Year’s Eve what
one lady said about the Gambia. She was not paid to say so. So she was
saying the truth and the truth will always prevail.”
The Gambian President continued: “We don’t hate any citizen because of
the attitude of their government and I will repeat, so far that there
is no evidence of the British support or involvement in this, despite
the fact that in their statement to the nation after taking over……
they praise the British government and the American government for
their support.”
President Jammeh told the crowd that he believes in the truth. “So far
no single Gambian or dissident from Britain come to join them. So, I
am very sorry, as you wrong somebody you should apologise. Whatever I
say about the West, I always called the British because they colonized
us,” he said, adding that they should not feel offended.
“We would not mind to say “God Save The Queen”, “Rule Britain Rule”
today….”Rule Gambia Rule…that does not mean we have any ambition to
rule Britain, but if they wish so, I would be very happy to rule
Britain. After all they ruled us, so if I can rule them or Gambia can
rule that would be the biggest thing. And Mr. Ambassador, let me make
it very clear, only Allah knows, tomorrow you can become our colony,
but we will be very nice to you,” concluded President Jammeh.

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