Wednesday, July 17, 2019

President Elect assures free speech


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By Kebba Jeffang

President-elect Adama Barrow has assured the Gambian people that his government will be tolerant and will guarantee freedomadama-barrow-2 to all.

He made these remarks on Wednesday, December 28, when a delegation from Upper Nuimi, in the North Bank River Region paid courtesy call on him.

Earlier on, Aminata Jammeh after congratulating the president-elect said the people of Upper Nuimi are very glad with the manner the Gambian people have decided. She assured that they fully support Barrow’s government.

Kabiro Jatta, head of the delegation said “we are ready to go with you and the whole country supports you.” He called for unity for prosperity.

Solo Drammeh said the victory came out of a lot of sacrifices by all the stakeholders during the campaign. He said in Upper Nuimi, there were individuals who used their resources to hire vehicles for campaign purpose which paid dividend.

Other speakers included Nano Bakary Njie and Abdoulie Njie who all showed solidarity with the coalition.

For his part, Adama Barrow, incoming president of The Gambia expressed gratitude to the people of Upper Nuimi saying the victory is made possible by all Gambians.

The incoming president noted that “Presidency is not as everlasting as God’s power.” He called for peace and stability in the country. “My team members are qualified personalities who have been preaching democracy in this country for past decades,” he said.

The president elect said all eyes are now on the inauguration day when he will assume office and a way will be paved for Jammeh to leave state house when his term expires. “We told him that though he has power to express an opinion on the election results he has no power to reject them.”

The president-elect concluded that the impact of his government has already started as the people begin to have freedom. He said “now freedom has already begun in The Gambia because if you listen to the radios you hear interesting news that could not have been read before because it was considered sensitive. Even telephone conversations have changed because fear is no more gripping people.”


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