Saturday, July 20, 2019

President Barrow wants everybody back home


By Kebba Jeffang

The President of the Republic, Mr. Adama Barrow has returned to the Gambia on Friday evening, 17th Marchafter concluding a 3 day working visit in France and Belgium. The tour enables him to encourage Gambians in Europe to come back and develop the country.

Speaking shortly after landing at the Banjul International Airport, Mr. Barrow told journalists his visit was to honour the invitation of the French President François Hollande after which he used the opportunity to continue to Brussels, the Belgian capital.

Rating the success of the trip, Barrow said it was a very good trip. “It was an invitation from President Hollande of France and it was killing two birds with one stone. It was a very good trip.”

He said the invitation was very important because France is a very strong partner in the EU which happens to be their strongest partner as well as biggest donor.

On whether any deal on immigration was reached or talked about, the President said: “We have discussed a lot of things and all the discussions were positive. They are ready to help and I think the Gambia has a lot of goodwill. That is the most important thing about the whole trip.”

He continued: “We have a discussion with a lot of people, government institutions, high officials of France and Belgium at the top levels.”

Asked about why the ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Justice have not returned as they were part of his delegation, he responded that they have gone for other missions as some have travelled to England and others should be travelling to Asia.

“We had a meeting with Gambians and they were happy, the message was very clear as everything was direct, positive and we want everybody back home, all hands on deck so that we move this country,” he concluded.

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