The steady release of convicted prisoners and detainees is becoming a daily occurrence. Since justice is being tempered with mercy, Foroyaa wish to call for the extension of the principle of restorative justice by tempering mercy with equity. In this regard, religious leaders and venerable elders should approach the executive and request for the release of a young accountant who is still capable of rendering valuable service to the country if released from prison. Amadou Sanneh may not have gained materially from the transactions which led to his arrest and incarceration. His associates during the trial pleaded guilty in order to earn the mercy of the state. It would be an act of magnanimity to unconditionally release Amadou Sanneh. Will this happen? Will it be followed by the release of the last detainees without trial? The pen of history is waiting to put an end to the chapter of detention without trial while we focus on the disappearances without trace if the executive musters the necessary political will to temper mercy with equity.]]>

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