Many people who want to contest the National Assembly elections under the ticket of the Coalition or its stakeholders are going around seeking the mandate of the electorate.

Apparently, many people are enthusiastic about the National Assembly elections. There is no doubt that the victory of the Coalition in the presidential elections has confirmed to Gambians that the voters’ cards they possess are the most valuable instrument to effect peaceful change. Maximum effort must be made by aspirants for National Assembly seats.

The drawback is the failure of the coalition to come to a decision on how the stakeholders would contest the National Assembly elections with the support of the Coalition. Foroyaa is informed that the decision will take place before the inauguration.

We will now wait and see whether that will be the case. Notwithstanding this all Gambians should take note of the importance of the National Assembly. It is the instrument that will assist the executive to make reforms and ratify all agreements. It could also help the executive to scrutinize the performance of the ministers to ensure accountability and transparency in conducting public affairs.

The country needs seasoned National Assembly members to consolidate the democratic gains of the country.


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