Sunday, August 18, 2019

‘Politics Is not about hate’ Says Mayor Colley


By Madiba Singhateh

The Mayor of the Kanifing Municipality, Mr. Yankuba Colley, told this medium that politics is not about hate. The mayor of the said municipality made this statement during a meeting with reporters and some members of the UDP party, at his office, during the brief ceremony to distribute of dates by his municipality. Mayor Colley said politics is not about having hatred for one another, but mutual respect and understanding for each other’s ideas because that is what politicians present to the people for them to choose the best amongst them. Mayor Colley said politicians should cooperate rather than to quarrel amongst themselves. He urge everybody to come together as one, that after all, we are all one people.

The Mayor of the municipality further said that his doors are always open to and for everybody as long as you have business to do with the municipality. He said whosoever wants to see him needs no appointment as his secretary never makes such arrangement. Mayor Colley concluded by commending the Government of The Gambia for their cooperation with his municipality and assured them of their continued partnership in developing the municipality in particular and the whole nation in general.


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