An effective public service depends on the principles of transparency,
accountability, impartiality and punctuality in the discharge of
duties. It negates any nepotism or favouritism in appointments and
discharging of duties.
With such type of public servants, services are rendered with
expeditiousness without fear or favour, affection or ill will. Hence,
when merit is rewarded, confidence and integrity in public office is
On the other hand, when political loyalty is rewarded every public
servant tries to get close to the executive by counseling how one
decision or another would lead to the reduction or enhancement of
political support.
In that respect, employees are moved about like a musical chair as
they outdo each other on who could sing the highest praises to
political leaders. This undermines merit and rewards mediocrity.
Any leader who wants to build a middle income country must have a
merit based public service.

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