Have all the detainees connected with the 14 and 16April protests been released?

This is the question that most people are asking.

After the release of a batch of detainees on Tuesday many people were expecting that Mr. Ousainou Darboe and the rest of the detainees would be released yesterday to put an end to the detention connected to protests.

Instead, court action has commenced for some, including the UDP leader and his executive members. The fate of the rest is still unknown.

Solo Sandeng is yet to appear in court and no information has confirmed that his body is at the mortuary waiting for a coroner’s inquest.

72 hours has elapsed for all those detained in connection with the two protests. Hence they should either be released or taken before a court.

The State has the duty to temper law with reason.

Cases which require prosecution should be distinguished with cases which require alternative dispute resolution.

Political disputes are settled by dialogue and not by prosecution.

Foroyaa hopes that all Gambians and concerned persons will work to ensure that dialogue prevails in such matters.

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