Saturday, July 20, 2019



Political parties used to wait until the campaign period before they engage the electorate in active debate on their political future. That is not the situation at the moment.

Everywhere people are discussing on the way forward for The Gambia. Different political parties are holding their rallies and sensitisation programmes to try to mobilise the population to understand their views. Many people in the opposition are wondering whether a viable coalition will be established to prevent division that would prevent an effective challenge to the incumbent. It is a welcome sign that political parties are now taking the electorate very seriously and have seen the need to engage the voters with more frequency than ever before. The lesson is clear. State power is transient. People’s power is permanent.

It goes without saying that the most important factor in Gambian politics today is the sovereign Gambian voter. All those who seek political office would want each vote to be cast in his or her favour, regardless of whether the voter is male or female, young or old, or of this or that type of origin.

To the person seeking political office, the voter is just the voter. Why is it that some link election to other things like religion, ethno-linguistic origin and so on and so forth? Power is in the hands of each individual voter. Each voter is therefore an embodiment of equal dignity and self worth. Each should take oneself as the decision maker on whose verdict lies the future of the nation. Decide wisely if you want to live in dignity, liberty and prosperity.

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