Photo 1: Sukuta Fans Entertaining The Crowd
Photo 2: Faby Fans At The Other End Of The VIP Pavilion
Photo 3: The Match’s Medical Personnel
Photo 5: Match Commissioner And Other Delegates Emerging From The Tunnel
Photo 6: A Faby player trying to beat a mass of Sukuta markers
Photo 7: Sukuta’s Amadou Solley controls
Photo 8: Sukuta’s goalkeeper gathers and attempts to spread out a hand-pass
Photo 9: the referee dictating the game by issuing a yellow card
Photo 10: A Faby player control in the middle of the park
Photo 11: A Sukuta player square passes
Photo 12: Sukuta celebrating a goal
Photo 14: winners Sukuta effecting a substitution
Photo15: Winning sukuta coach speaking in the aftermath of the game
Photo 16: Faby’s coach


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