Friday, July 19, 2019

‘Persons with disability are part and parcel of society’-Ndey Yassin Secka Sallah


BY Kebba AF Touray

Ndey Yassin Secka Sallah, nominated national assembly member, has said that persons with disability are part and parcel of the Gambia and are entitled to every benefit from the national cake that every Gambian enjoys.

Hon. Secka Sallah made this comment during the adjournment debate of Monday 31st July 2071, at the National Assembly. Hon. Secka Sallah said a lot has been said and more has to begin and urged all to work in the spirit of togetherness in pursuit of a united country.

She said with the new government, nothing can stop them from expressing their views on positive policies that will move the Gambian nation forward. She expressed concerns on the challenge of persons living with disability who cannot access the classrooms as they are not allowed to enter with their wheel-chairs. Hon. Secka Sallah called for the immediate consideration of this situation and it’s eventual address, by the Education ministries.

On people with visually impairment, Hon. Secka Sallah called for the provision of learning materials and facilities such as the braille technology, computers and sensitizers inter alia to visually impaired students, adding that these materials are available at reasonable costs. She appealed for government to bring in experts who master the sign language as interpreters for people with hearing difficulties for them to also contribute their quota like every other citizen.  “They came to us and sought for our votes and after we have voted for them, I see no reason why we should not get our share of the national cake,” she said.

On health, Hon. Secka Sallah called on the government to also consider persons with disability as part and parcel of society and be provided with their needs as stated in section 32 of the constitution of the Gambia. On constitutional amendments, she called for the inclusion of Gambians in the diaspora to be enfranchised and put in place mechanisms to control rent and housing issues. “We should try to transform the society for the betterment of everyone”, she remarked.

Hon. Secka Sallah urged all to do away with the past and come together to ensure a positive history by painting a good legacy that will benefit the coming generations.

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