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Peace Ambassador-The Gambia has expresses concern over the current political situation in the country.

In a media dispatch, Peace Ambassadors -The Gambia is urging all Gambians and non-Gambians to give peace a chance as violence have no place in our society. The release added that with the recent development, they felt it is important as a peace advocacy organization to address their fellow Gambians reminding them of the same message of maintaining peace and security. “It  is important to  note  that  it  is only  with  peace and love  that  we can practice  our religious activities, send our children to school, carryout  our businesses and undertake  key development  initiatives  for the betterment of our dear nation and her people,” the release states.

Peace Ambassadors The-Gambia has described the December 1 Presidential elections as free and fair.

“On the 1st of December 2016 during the presidential election, Peace Ambassadors deployed observers in all the seven administrative regions in the country and has found it free and fair as indicated in the plenary report shared with the Independent Electoral Commission”.

According to Peace Ambassadors, they also celebrated the peaceful nature in which the election process was conducted from nominations to campaign, voting, declaration of the final results and the conceding of defeat by the incumbent.

“In the interest of peace and stability, we are appealing to all individuals, the government, political parties, civil society organizations, NGOs, the international community, the media and all other stakeholders to play their role in ensuring a violent free post-election Gambia”.

Peace Ambassadors-The Gambia  being a leading  peace education,  advocacy  and youth empowerment organization  since inception  in 2001 in The Gambia, has always fulfilled its duty to remind  Gambians and those  living in the  country, in any situation that  poses threat  to the peace, love and security of their dear nation.

In carrying  out  the  noble  duty  of  peace education,  members  of  the  organization  have been serving as Election Observers for  all the  elections  since 2006.  They also educate the populace about the importance of holding a peaceful election. At the end of each election, they document their experiences and opinion and share with IEC and other relevant partners.

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