Saturday, July 20, 2019

PDOIS Nominations in North Bank Region


By Yankuba Jallow

The People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) on Saturday, 11 March, 2017 filed the nomination papers of four candidates for the forthcoming National Assembly election. The Regional Independent Electoral Commission Returning Officer who also doubles as the Director of Operation, IEC, Ensa Baldeh, accepted their submissions and tendered their documents as valid describing them to be in accordance with the electoral laws of the country. The Candidates are Momodou Lamin Dibba for Upper Nuimi, Amadou Sarr for Lower Nuimi, Mamat Bittaye for Jokadou and Manjie Sambou for Sabach Sanjal Constituencies.

Speaking to the press after confirmation for the nomination, Manjie Sambou, PDOIS candidate for Sabach Sanjal Constituency said those who have represented them in the National Assembly since Independence have failed their people by not putting their needs as their priorities but used people to earn popularity. “They failed us by not fulfilling their promises and they do stay in township forging our problems,” he lamented. In his manifestation, Sambou told the press that his top priority is to advocate for constitutional reform. In addition, he said he will advocate for dissemination of electricity in their constituency as only 3 communities out of 56 in their constituency get electricity. He said he will also scrutinize the government to provide subsidies for the farmers in the area of Insecticides and pesticides as well as provide them tractors to help them in their farms. Rural Women’s rights and quality education for all will be priority too among other things Sambou added.

Momodou Lamin Dibba for Upper Nuimi Constituency said to move a country from the stage they are, requires the implementation of the right ideologies to help to remove the country from mismanagement of funds, detention without trials, tyranny of governments and so many undemocratic acts. He added that the country needs competent people to help bring in laws that will promote democracy and the rule of law. He indicated that Upper Niumi is rich in resources but that the people are not benefitting from them. “You cannot benefit from the natural resources without putting the right people in offices,” he noted. He further said the people in the offices are responsible to put in place strategies that can render the people of the constituency to benefit from the resources but since the people chosen failed the electorate, now is the time for change.

Mamat Bittaye, PDOIS Jokadu Candidate, told journalists that his top priority is to support the youths, women and children. He decried the lack of communication for the people of Jokadu because there is no internal road linkage that link communities of Jokadu constituency. “I will help to channel projects for the people of Jokadu,” he promised. He also promised to help the people of the constituency to get grinding machines which the community need most to grind seeds and grains. He further promised to work hand in hand with the youths and women in their respective activities especially in education, agriculture and energy. Finally, he said if elected he and his comrades will scrutinize the government of the day to provide subsidy and loans for the farmers as well as advocate for rural development.


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