Abdoulie G Dibba

By: Kebba AF Touray

Mr. Abdoulie G Dibba, the aspiring candidate for PDOIS for the Kerewan Area Council Chairpersonship Elections, shared his objectives and plans to develop the said Council, if voted into Office by the electorate of the area.

Mr. Dibba said that having genuine leadership that will bring programs and policies to properly manage the country’s economy, is the only way to ensure liberty and dignity to The Gambian people.

Speaking in a brief interview with this reporter, Dibba asserted that he is motivated to contest for the Chairmanship  seat for the Kerewan Area Council, in the upcoming Local Government Elections by his desire to have a genuine leadership that will bring programs and policies to properly manage the country’s economy to ensure liberty and dignity to Gambians.

On development plans for the area, Dibba said programs and plans must be human based and as such he knows the needs of the people of the area because he has listened to them and found that they have series of problems that the Council has to address.

He disclosed that 85 % of the populace in the area are farmers, most of whom produce groundnut and have difficulty marketing their produce. “Following my research, I discovered that a groundnut milling machine that has the capacity to mill 2 to 5 tons of groundnuts a day, costs D250, 000. I have critically examined the revenue Base of the Council and discovered that according to their budget in 2017 a total of D9, 000,000 was collected. I also examined the Local Government Act and discovered that 60% of that revenue, should go back to the taxpayers, to ensure their development,” he said.

He called on the electorate of NBR to see beyond religion, party and tribe and that the revenue of the Council comes from all and sundry, regardless of any background; that as such the people need to vote for a competent candidate to bring them development.

He implored on Gambians to entrust responsibility to PDOIS so that it can push the agenda of liberating the Gambian people through liberty, dignity and prosperity.

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