Svein Agesandakar


Interior Minister Ebrima Mballow has informed the Norwegian pedophile would be handed over to Norwegian Authorities if released.

Mballow told this medium, that the Norwegian is wanted in his own country on related offences and Government has deemed it necessary to keep him in Gambian prison to serve his jail term, than to take him back to his country.

Svein Agesandakar was jailed for sexual offences against children and was part of those pardoned by the President if recent reports on this issue is anything to go by.

He was convicted in 2012 for abusing six children and was fined to pay D600,000.00; his jail term was extended to another three years according to reports, for failure to pay the Court fine.

When the Minister was asked as to whether the names of the pardoned prisoners were published in the Gazette as required by Law, Interior Minister Mballow said he does not actually know whether it was published. “But what I know, is that this is a process and Government follows the due process. I know it must have been published,” he said. He added that the prison pardoning consists of a committee that includes the Ministries of Interior and Justice.

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