Sunday, August 18, 2019

PAG Appeals to Stakeholders to Ensure Violent Free Post Elections


By Rohey Jadama

The Vice President of Peace Ambassadors the Gambia(PAG), Ms. Ida Jatta, has urged all stakeholders within the country, to play their part in ensuring a violent free post-election Gambia in the interest of peace and stability.

Ms. Jatta made this remark during a press conference with journalists at the PGA office, on the recent outcome of the just concluded parliamentary elections. The PAG Vice President said among other things that having observed all the stages of the electoral process on polling day, the 6th day April 2017, they were pleased to declare the elections as free, fair and transparent.

However, she added that with the recent developments of post-election violence as reported in some communities across the country notably notably in Sibanor, Baddibu Saba and Diabougu, ‘‘we felt it is important as a peace advocacy organization to send a mediation team in these places to avert a situation of confrontation and as well address our fellow Gambians by reminding them of the same message of maintaining peace and security’’ she said.

“It is important to note that it is only with peace that we can practice our religious activities, send our children to school, carry out our businesses and undertake key development initiatives for the betterment of our dear nation and her people” she further posited..

Ms. Jattay, further appealled to all individuals, the government, political parties and civil society organisations, NGOs, the International Community, the media and all other stakeholders to play fully their part in ensuring a violent free post-election Gambia.

“Peace ambassadors-the Gambia is urging all Gambians and non-Gambians alike to give peace a chance as violence has no place in our society. All of us should preach and maintain peace in all our undertakings as enshrined in our national anthem,” remarked the PAG Vice President.


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