Sunday, July 21, 2019

Oversight Role Of The National Assembly


It is becoming increasingly evident to the media houses that the National Assembly is strengthening its oversight role. Journalists can see officials from the public enterprises, municipalities, the security apparatuses at the National Assembly attending committee meetings of the Assembly.

In the past people used to believe that the function of the National Assembly is exercised when it holds sessions involving all National Assembly members. The public have little awareness that the most important work of the National Assembly is done at committee level. This is why media houses are taking interest in following those committee meetings.

The national broadcaster should give equal coverage to the executive, legislature and judiciary just as the non-state media is doing to ensure that the public is kept well informed of the performance of their key institutions. One may have institutions and laws but without effective oversight. The councils also have committees aimed at exercising direction and control over administration, development and finance. The media should equally focus on giving coverage to council meetings and that of their respective committees.

The state media should take the lead in all these endeavours. Foroyaa will accompany these oversight institutions so that abuse of power and defrauding the state would either be reduced or eradicated.

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