Words are only powerful if they are convincing and capable of galvanizing human beings to pursue a particular objective. A state is too powerful for its leaders to hastily act with might because of words.

Frustration is generally a sign of weakness. When people are powerless and helpless they will become frustrated. The only avenue to express frustration if one is powerless to do something about it, is to heap insults on one’s adversaries.

The best way to handle those who cover their unpleasant predicament with platitudes and angry invectives is to give them the public space to express their opinion so they would not have to go underground to do the same.

Foroyaa should be a good example to the Gambian population. What language has its editors and editorial adviser not heard without being tempted to take anyone to court. The court of public opinion is more powerful and relevant to posterity than the court that can only impose fines and jail terms.

We hope the government of a new Gambia will not be intimidated by words but would know how to contain angry invectives with sober analyses to enable the discerning population to dismiss what is not fit for them to consume. Insults and angry invectives will never earn anybody any credibility. This is why those who use such language are quick to bow their heads in shame and express apology.

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