Abdoulie G. Dibba

Self-sufficiency in Upper River Region is on the brink of threat with over 200 hectares of rice fields hectare from fifteen villages A submerged rice field in Dampha Kundareported to have perished.

The severe damage is said to have been triggered by running flood waters forcing low-land rice fields to submerge.

The situation has made the plight of farmers precarious.

The following is a break down of the hectarage of rice fields submerged in water: Dampha Kunda 50 ha, Sotuma Samba 35 ha, Suduwol 20ha, Sutukoba 20 ha, Mansajang Kunda 15 ha, Kulari 15 ha, Baja Kunda 15 ha, Changally Lankaddy 15 ha, Fatoto 10 ha, Taibatou 10 ha, Kossemar 10 ha, Chamoi Bunda 10 ha, Kabakama 10 ha and Bakadaji 8 ha; totaling 243 ha of ruined rice farms or zero harvest.

Famers voiced their frustration over the wreckage.

“This has affected our self-sufficiency dreams and impacted negatively on our livelihood”, one Fatoumatta Ceesay tells Foroyaa.

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