Monday, August 19, 2019

Ousman Sillah Meets Italian NGOs, Other Gambians


By Nelson Manneh

On Sunday November 4th 2018, marks the sixth and final day of Ousman Sillah’s visit to Italy, as part of the Banjul North NAM’s seven nation tour of Europe, to meet with Gambians and friends of the Gambia.

He was invited to a meeting with three Italian NGOs at the Bloom in Via Curiel 39 Mezzago, from 5 to 7 pm. Among the NGOs that attended the meeting were ‘Associazione Altro Mondo’ or ‘Association Another World’, ‘Emergencia’ and ‘Fai Cosa Guisto’, who all deal with issues of migration, humanitarian relief and medical emergencies.

The meeting started with the welcome remarks delivered by Alessio Penati, Coordinator of Associazione Altro Mondo. Penati expressed profound appreciation for having a parliamentarian from Gambia, coming to discuss with them issues of common concern. He thanked Sillah for the visit. Massimo, an executive member of one of the political parties in Italy called ‘Possibile’ or ‘Possible’, was invited to moderate the session.

In assuming the role of Chairperson of event, Massimo explained how they want to proceed with the presentations to be made by the Banjul North NAM. Sillah was asked to respond to four set of questions which were the purpose and outcome of his visit in terms of the places, organisations and people / officials he met; the political situation in the Gambia both before and after the December 2016 Presidential election, including the political impasse; present political situation in the Gambia and the initiatives or his projects in the Gambia.

The Banjul North Lawmaker made detailed presentations in response to each of the four questions through an interpreter, all of which received applause from the audience.

The closing remarks were given by Guido, an executive member of Associazione Altro Mondo. Guido pledged support and thanked the Banjul North NAM and wish him well in all his undertakings.

There was musical entertainment provided by Jali Suso a Gambian Kora player, and Camara, a Balafong player from Guinea Conakry.

Sillah departs Italy on Monday 5th November 2018, for Vienna, Austria, on a similar visit where he will meet with Gambians and other organisations.

The meeting was arranged and facilitated by Sheikh Njie and wife Sarah.

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