Mustapha Jallow

It is 64 days today since Ousman Jammeh, a former deputy minister of agriculture, was removed from office and detained Ousman Jammehwithout charge and access to family.

According to a close family source, Mr. Jammeh is held at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) head office in Banjul where they are not allowed to see or take clothes and food to him.

“We have made several attempts to have access to him and take his clothes him to change but were not allowed by the officials we meet at the NIA entrance,” said the close relative.

He said they are concerned about Mr. Jammeh’s wellbeing as he has not changed clothes since his detention more than two months ago.

“We are also not aware of any charge against him,” revealed the source.

He said they are calling on the authorities to release their loved one to enable him to reunite with his young family.

Mr. Jammeh is now held for more than 72 hours in contravention of section 19 of the Second Republic Constitution of The Gambia (1997) which states that “Any person who is arrested or detained… who is not released, shall be brought without undue delay before a court of law and, in any event, within 72 hours.”



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