By Sulayman Bah

Newly elected Serrekunda East sports committee leader believes his executives’ integrity is at stake now on account the body has to fulfill promises made to delegates.

Momodou O. Njie was elected to replace incumbent Saikou Bah whose leadership came under sharp criticism over their alleged misappropriation of the zone’s finances the past four years.

Saturday’s election marked end to a prolong war between the delegates and the outgoing committee, and Njie thinks his executives’ integrity is on the line giving they have to square up to expectations.

‘I’m happy that it’s been done (the congress). Now we’re going to the park to work on our promises. Our integrity now is at stake. Meaning the people backed us, we need to fulfill the promises and run better and, I hope with the team I have, we will try to make things better,’ the erstwhile referee says.

The weekend’s congress went ahead unhindered for the first time following two aborted attempts, the latest been on the directives of the parliament’s select committee that triggered a bitter disagreement amongst voting stakeholders.

Tempers flared and accusations were bandied about in the build-up to last Saturday’s session but to the shock of many, the gathering proceeded amid serenity.

‘Before we entered the hall (congress hall) we were told that these people (outgoing executives) just wanted things to go on so that is why there was no chaos,’ Momodou says.

Chants of reconciliation were being spewed around in the aftermath of the congress as the zone’s way forward to progress. But while the newly committee welcomes the notion for all hands to be on deck, Njie says his leadership may summon their predecessors, if need be, for explanation regarding the committee’s coffers.

He continued: ‘We are going to make sure that the community-based funds are used judiciously. If it comes to a level whereby they ( the ex leadership) will be called to explain, We’re not going to make it a prolong fight. Internal fights don’t give you the power to fight externally and that is what is killing our sports’

‘My priority is to make sure we kick-start and get going.’

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