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“Our campaign objective is to expose the candidate to electorate” Spokesperson Sallah


By Kebba Jeffang

Mr. Halifa Sallah, the spokesperson for the Coalition 2016 told Foroyaa on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 that the objective of theiradama-barrow 14 days nationwide campaign is among other reasons to expose their candidate to the electorate ahead of the December, 2016 presidential election.

Sallah was speaking to this reporter at the PDOIS bureau situated at Churchill’s town ahead of their Wednesday departure to Essau in the North Bank Region where the first rally will take place.  

The coalition campaign is scheduled to hold rallies at 129 communities across the country.

“Once you become a presidential candidate you need to be known by the electorate so one objective of the campaign is to expose the candidate to the electorate.

“The second dimension is that you cannot stand and win an election unless you are voted by the people and those voting must know how they should cast their votes for you,” he said.

He explained that the electoral system in the Gambia is based more on identification of colour, symbol and pictures. He said it is therefore necessary to sensitize the voters so that they can recognise the photograph of the candidate, the symbol and the colour, because the boxes will be painted with that colour and carry the emblem and the photograph of the candidate.

He informed that the colour of the coalition is grey (ash colour) and the symbol is an upright finger meaning one Gambia one nation.

“The last aspect of the campaign is to transmit message to the population indicating to them what they should expect from the coalition government because our agreement is that the country is in a stage of division. The remarks that have been made if properly propagated could ultimately lead to the fragmentation of the country,” said Sallah.

He also indicated that during the campaign they will sensitise the public for them to understand that power belongs to them and they should decide who to entrust it. He said they will also inform the people that the coalition plans to implement a 3 year transitional government to address the economy and agriculture of the country to become more viable.


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