There are knowledgeable people in Diabugu. Some are scholars who are exposed to the Constitution. Others are clerics who are exposed to the teachings of the Constitution.

Both the Constitution and religious teachings call for good neighbourliness. Religious teachings have given examples where those who were enslaved in the past were made free persons as compensation for inability to observe certain obligations as prescribed by their holy books.

On the other hand, constitutions have decided to defend the human rights of all human beings and have therefore abolished forced labour, servitude or inhuman or degrading punishment or treatment.

The scholars and clerics of Sandu should meet and recite parts of the Constitution and the Holy book that makes it a virtue to free people held in bondage and then call on all who, by tradition, hold others in bondage to agree to release them. In this way a big ceremony could be held to mark the day when the children of the free born and those held in bondage could hold hands and show solidarity to each other that they are together as one and would never be divided again on the basis of birth. They will now work together as one to make Sandu and Diabugu to be a place fit to live in liberty, dignity and prosperity. This is one way forward.

Foroyaa will pursue this matter to promote a resolution of this teething problem confronting national unity and cohesion.

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