Friday, December 6, 2019

Opposition leaders respond to calls for unity


Opposition leaders have been responding to the calls of some young people to unite and form a coalition in order to defeat the Opposition leadersruling APRC at the December 1st presidential poll.

Foroyaa has so far interviewed Halifa Sallah of PDOIS, Hamat N K Bah of NRP and Dr Lamin Bojang of NCP on the issue.

The UDP Deputy Secretary General has indicated that members of the executive committee are consulting each other and will get back to Foroyaa by today.

Mr Bafulo Manneh, a representative of the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC), said he will facilitate an interview with Mr. Mai Fatty as soon as he returns to town by 20 August.

Mr Henry Gomez of Gambia People’s Democratic Party (GPDP) promised to get back to Foroyaa before the end of the day when contacted yesterday.

Mr Omar Jallow is understood to be out of the country but efforts are being made to reach him.

As soon as Foroyaa receives a response from any of the remaining leaders it will be published.


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