The requirements for nomination must be met by any presidential aspirant. One of the requirements is to be nominated by 5000 people; this is why the IEC produced nomination forms and had indicated that 7 presidential aspirants have gone to pick nomination forms.     So far, the candidates who are circulating nomination forms and are part of the Coalition are: Adama Barrow of the UDP, Dr. Lamin Bojang of NCP, Hon. Hamat Bah of NRP, Halifa Sallah of PDOIS and Dr. Isatou Touray Independent.
All these candidates will continue to seek nomination until 30th October 2016 when the National Convention will select one of them to be flag bearer.
It is therefore important for the electorate not to be confused. The circulation of individual forms for individual candidates does not mean that they are not part of a Coalition. No one knows who is going to be selected hence all of them must be prepared so that whoever is selected would have been fully ready for nomination.

This is why registered voters should continue to nominate the candidate of their choice so that when he/she becomes the candidate of the Coalition it would not be difficult to meet the requirements of the IEC of having the nomination of 5000 registered voters.


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