Saturday, August 17, 2019

Opinions On The Three Year Or Five Year Term


The media is beginning to play its role in holding leaders accountable to the people. This week media houses online are conducting interviews with political leaders whose parties constituted the coalition which brought president Barrow to office. Opinions are divided.

On the three year or five year term, the leaders of the coalition, inside and outside cabinet, have confirmed that an agreement was reached for each of the presidential aspirants in the coalition to sign and agree to serve a three year term under an independent ticket with the undertaking not to serve another term in the following election.

In another vein, others claim that the three-year term mandate does not stand. Some of the coalition members stand in the middle by asserting that even though a three-year mandate is agreed upon, there is need to go back to the negotiating table to extend the mandate to five years.

Foroyaa will attempt to speak to the leaders in order to determine their concrete position.

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