Dear President Barrow,


We plead to you to consider our situation most kindly and relocate the Bakoteh Dumpsite, perhaps in the nearby tangled mangroves site between Jeshwang and Banjul.

This dumpsite is truly open, hazardous, uncontrolled, toxic and is surrounded by settlements and a number of kindergarten, primary, secondary, high and vocational schools.   On daily basis KMC and National Environmental Agency (NEA) off-load tons of smelly, filthy stinking, toxic, overflowing garbage at the site with undiminished intensity. On daily basis, this huge garbage are burnt with petrol thereby releasing an ominous and dense billowing cloud of smoke engulfing the entire neighbourhoods of SOS, Bakoteh, Manjai, Tippa Garage and parts of Dippa Kunda and London corner.

This dangerously spiral smoke is affecting nothing less than perhaps, one hundred thousand (100,000) or more people live in these environments.  The odious carbonic gas and other pollutants emanating from this smoke is causing cancer, tuberculosis, cold, pneumonia, chest and pulmonary infections to the people.  The smoke causes difficult breathing problems for our babies and young children.  This evil strong-smelling smoke creates foul scents in our houses, on our clothes, and in our yards.   This disgusting smoke is poisoning our food and water.   The smoke effectively is killing us.

Mr President, we ask you to get the Director General of National Environment Agency (NEA) to work with the chairman of KMC to get rid of environmental menace in our communities.  They owe it to the public in general and these communities in particular to put a stop to the damage the health of our families that is now taking place.

Mr. President, you are not personally responsible for our plight, however, as our God-given leader, we want you to hear our voice and for your government to do something as practically as possible to help clean our environment of the filth and garbage in our midst.

Thank you.

Lansana S. Farti

Concerned Resident

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