Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Open Letter To The Legal Fraternity/Sorority And The Nation


Part 2

Section 88 of the Constitution states among other things that the National Assembly shall comprise five members nominated by the President

The National Assembly shall comprise

(a)       forty-eight   members  elected  from  the  constituencies demarcated by the boundaries Commission; and

(b)       five members nominated by the president.”

I have read all the inputs of the concerned persons and legal luminaries but have not seen any iota of reference of how this nomination is effected. Since the first Republic I have been reminding the executive that its prerogatives must be exercised on the basis of law. The Interpretation Act has made it very clear what subsidiary legislation’s are. The Supreme Court would therefore tell the Nation how nomination of National Assembly members is done, whether such nomination is revocable and if so how it is revoked.

My findings which I will share after the Supreme Court decision is just unsettling

To be continued after the Supreme Court decision.

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