Women shoulder double burden. They are shouldering the burden of work and the burden of maintaining their appearance according to the standards set by society so that they would be able attract or retain a husband.

Some accuse them of wearing expensive dresses but it is such dresses which attract the men of the class they want to marry. Some even bleach because men would leave them and marry or have relations with those who are fair in complexion.

Women in the disciplined force and those holding technical jobs often have to make extra effort to look feminine because of the comments of men.

Hence if one wants women to have other appearances, men must show a bright example in marrying women with such appearances.

Leadership in society should be handled by people who truly understand human society to know why people do what they do and what is to be done to develop positive human values without any form of coercion or punishment.

We are still unable to reach authorities at the Ministry of the Interior since they have either on leave or are on retreat. The status of the female Immigration personnel at Tanji and in other places as we have recently been informed is yet to be unravelled. If they are detained they should be released.


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