To deprive an innocent person of life and liberty is the highest crime against humanity. Those who perpetrate such crimes without living in a state of guilt, regret and repentance for the rest of their lives are beasts with human masks. A real human being would not deprive of others what one cherishes for one’s self. As we remember Dyeda Hydara for the tenth year those guilty perpetrators of the crime who are in the prisons of their own consciences should know that all eyes are on them. As the wisdom of the ages tells us: “he or she who hides in the darkness of the night to perpetrate evil may not be seen, but cannot hide truth from himself or herself. Deyda’s murderers know themselves. They may be family men who are taking care of their children and keeping the company of friends and family. Deyda has been deprived of such communion. His family is robbed of a precious member. As we remember him the eyes of justice are still looking around for the culprits. Sooner or later either justice or death would catch up with them. In either case they would never enjoy the honour you have enjoyed. No murderer of an innocent person would ever deserve honour from humankind. Deyda , on the other hand, has attained martyrdom. He shall forever be remembered to have stood on the side of freedom and justice up to the end. Sooner or later the cause of freedom and justice would triumph throughout the globe.]]>

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