Sunday, September 22, 2019

ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL Mayor Abdoulie Bah Speaks


By: Ndey Sowe

The incumbent Mayor and Independent candidate for the Banjul City Council Mayoral elections, Mr. Abdoulie Bah, has called on his fellow candidates and supporters, to maintain the peace and stability that the country is known for, during and after the upcoming Local Government elections, slated for May 12th. Mayor Bah made these remarks in an interview with this medium.

Mayor Bah said when he was elected into office, his priorities were the drainage system and the environment of the city; that then Banjul was in a serious environmental mess. But that with the help of his administration, this situation has improved for city dwellers.

“I am the only Mayoral candidate who gave six million Dalasi to Gamworks Agency for the construction of recreational facilities for the City, which has contributed to the development of youth empowerment,’’ he said.

Mayor Bah said the major problem for the City Council at the time of assuming Office, was electricity; that during his tenure, he gave out forty-nine solar electrification system to the people of tobacco road and students, to develop their learning capacity.

“I have devised mechanisms to transform Crab Island into a skills center and engage some youth to study engineering, to build up network for the development of youth employment in order to minimize or stop illegal migration,” he said.

Mayor Bah said he has the legal right over Crab Island School and express optimism to effectively utilize the School for the benefit of Banjulians especially the youth.

Mayor Bah said he has develop many taps and agricultural facilities to the inhabitants of the City of Banjul, as well as promote food self-sufficiency initiatives and the provision of portable water for the betterment of the citizens of BCC.

“I have offered three vehicles for the collection of waste in BCC and am expecting two more from China, with another three, which I believed, will solve the problems of waste management in the City,” he said.

He recognized the collaborative work of his administration, which has contributed immensely to the development of Banjul.

 “I believe ‘Banjulians’ will re-elect me to continue the development I have stated,” Mayor Bah explained.

Mayor Bah concludes that election comes and goes, but people will remain. He urged Banjulians to maintain peace and avoid using foul words and languages, because the City Council and the country needs peace and stability to transform the city to the next level.

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