committal. Any detention of a person without abiding on such a law would be considered as unlawful detention and false imprisonment. In the same vein when a prisoner dies prison authorities are duty bound to subject the death to a coroner’s inquest for confirmation of the cause of death. Such inquest is done in public. Section 6 (1) of the Coroners Act states: “(1) When any person dies while in the custody of the police orofaprisonofficerorinprisonor when detained in any placeundertheprovisions of the Lunatics’ Detention Act, or of the CriminalProcedureCode,thepoliceofficer orprisonofficerorother person having the custody or charge of the deceased person at the time ofhis death shallimmediately give notice of the death to the nearest Coroner and,except asotherwiseprovided bysection 11, suchCoronershallhold aninquiryintothecauseofsuchdeath in the manner hereinafterprovided.” Foroyaa has been bombarded with questions of the death of a high profile prisoner and we have been able to say that no coroner’s inquest has taken place on that score. We hope this would be sufficient to lay the story to rest. However, if the rumour persists Foroyaa will conduct an investigation and report its findings just as it did in the case of the Minister of Works.  ]]>

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