Monday, July 22, 2019

NYC Chairperson admits ‘Back way’ is an unresolved issue By Kebba Jeffang


By Kebba Jeffang Fabakary Kalleh, Chairman of the National Youth Council (NYC), saidFabakary Kalleh 2 attempts to find a lasting solution to the issue of youth embarking on irregular migration or  what is called ‘back way’ have started since 2008 at the NaYConF in Farafenni, North Bank Region, but without any breakthrough..He said a recommendation was even made by the delegates but that no significant achievement has been registered to that effect. The NYC Chairperson said they have made efforts to put a stop to irregular migration but without success. He said according to the facts they have gathered on the issue, it is not only the unemployed youth who embark on this journey but some employed ones as well. He said the study made by  the Council looked into the various factors such as the role of parents, the education system, the job market, the national economy, and personal aspirations which are all contributing to the phenomenon. “We are not discouraging anyone from travelling but not in an irregular manner,” he concluded.  ]]>

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