By Louise Jobe

The Serrekunda Mosque Road has been one of the most fettered road. Its renovation though heartening to many has raised many eye brows when work on this major access road slowed. Many readers have raised the issue pointing out that the rains are fast approaching.

When Foroyaa enquired from the managing director of the national roads authority on the slow progress of the work and to know what efforts are put in place for the road to be ready as soon as possible, he said there have been attempts in the past to repair that road but these attempts yielded little result as it doesn’t last long. Hence the National Road Authority ( N. R. A ) has come up with a policy to use reinforced concrete i.e. concrete with steel bars within which they think will last and drivers will be free from getting stuck during the rains.

“We deeply apologize to the vehicle owners, drivers, passers-by and the people of the area and call on them to have patience, it is just a matter of time and very soon the contractor will finish the work, the main problem was granite that is coming from Senegal and at times we find it difficult to cross from the ferry service therefore now these days we have arranged with G.P.A so that any time our lorries come, thet can cross easily.

The deplorable state of the road has often led to traffic congestion. Vehicle owners and drivers who ply that road have often lamented how their vehicles have been damaged due to poor state of the road. It seems the previous government turned a deaf ears to the cries of the commuters of that road, but recently it seems the new authorities of national road authority are marking efforts to repair the road. This effort though a good one but it seems progress is very slow. With the imminent fall of the rains, commuters are worried before the rains begin.


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