Saturday, September 21, 2019

‘Nomination Of Councilors Should Not Be Partisan, But Consultative’-Banjul Youth Chairman



Essaha Sowe, the newly elected Chairman of Banjul youth has said the elected Chairpersons and Mayors should not based the nomination of their respective Councilors on party lines but rather consult with various interest groups.

Sowe raised this issue on Monday May 14th 2018, on what he referred to as “avoiding what was happening in the past”.

Sowe said the nomination of the Youth Councilor should be done in consultation with the respective regional committees which serve as a parent body to all the youth in the regions and municipalities; that the Youth of the country, have been less represented at the Councils, because the Councilors nominated, were not youth oriented; that he is urging elected personalities, to do the nomination in accordance with Section 11, sub section 2 of the Local Government Act, which reads:‘Nominated members shall be proposed by civil society organization or the interest groups they represent, and appointed by the chairperson with the concurrence of the Secretary of State.’

In conclusion Sowe calls on leaders to go by the Laws available as a guide, in the execution of their function.

Essaha is the former Chairman of the Banjul Central Youth Committee and is a teacher and a football referee. Sowe was elected in March by the youth of Banjul, to represent them at the National Youth Council Board.

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