Saturday, July 20, 2019

Nomination Has Started


The country is gearing up for an election mood. The APRC has put up its candidates for the council elections. There have been no talks between political parties to establish coalitions at the leadership level.

PDOIS is the only party that has declared that the local government election marks the end of the transition from the second republic to a new political dispensation that will enable the sovereign Gambian to be born so that he or she will select the type of leaders who will be able to build the new Gambia which the transition is supposed to give rise to.

How the transition is to proceed to its final conclusion depends on the actions of the executive, the national assembly and the councils. The electorate is responsible for choosing the type of representatives at the national and local levels who should preside over the affairs of the council. The results of the elections would reflect the level of political awareness of the Gambian electorate.

All political analysts and parties should therefore prepare themselves to analyse the results to determine what type of electorate has emerged after the 1 December 2016 change of power. Gambians no longer have any excuse.

For the first time in Gambian history the people went to the polls and succeeded in changing their government through their votes. Now every Gambian knows that power belongs to the people. They are the ones who put governments in office. Their votes will give them the types of representatives they deserve. This is the verdict of common sense. History is taking note. Tomorrow when the results are declared the world will know what type of life the people deserve.

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