Thursday, October 17, 2019




The Gambia’s newly elected lawmakers have expressed hopes that the current legislature will be one of the most vibrant and civilized lawmaking body that this country has ever witnessed since independence. Members made this remark during an interview with this medium at the legislative house in Banjul shortly after their Wednesday session.

Hon Samba Jallow revealed that the proceedings of the National Assembly are guided by two legal instruments and these are the constitution and the standing orders of the legislature. Hon. Jallow said that they use these two important legal instruments to promulgate laws that are in the best interest of the country by scrutinising all bills tabled before them. He expressed optimism that the current National Assembly will be a vibrant one that will be different from the former house ‘‘because the speaker has a legal background and in the presence of some veteran politicians such as Hon Halifa Sallah and Sidia Jatta amongst others who formed the present parliament, the future of the house looks bright.’’ The minority leader finally thanked foroyaa for sounding his views

On his part, deputy Speaker Hon. Momodou LK Sanneh explained that he was at one time a parliamentarian in the legislature of The Gambia and had held the position of minority leader in the former legislature.

Hon. Sanneh explained that he has been nominated by president Adama Barrow, after which he was nominated by his colleges to be the deputy speaker. He said that the motion of nominating him as the speaker was first raised in parliament by Fakabba MS Kolley and was seconded by some National Assembly members. Deputy Speaker Sanneh revealed that he is aware of the duty ahead of him and expresses his readiness to execute his functions as the deputy speaker so as to measure up to expectations of the Gambian people. Hon Sanneh expressed hope that the current National Assembly will be vibrant, because it comprises law students, agriculturalists and educationist who are competent and knowledgeable and experienced enough to push the present house to where Gambians expect them to be.

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