Cabinet paper placed before the National Assembly on the subject. Apart from saying that the aim is to make the importation of rice unnecessary by 2016, nothing is said about the type of farming and the sources of the inputs that would make the goal realizable. Foroyaa therefore challenges the government to come up with a policy document on what Vision 2016 entails, a constructive debate would begin on its viability. Foroyaa is willing to give maximum coverage to such a debate so that the Gambian people would know what and what not to expect. The people could see experts on TV being invited after the vision was declared to indicate that they are advisors on how to make Vision 2016 a reality. The people who are purchasing a bag of rice for more than 1000 dalasis per fifty kilogram bag are very much interested in the type of domestic production that would enable them have the means to purchase rice. We hope a policy on this vision would soon be revealed to show how they would address their wish.    ]]>

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