As West Africa leads the way in being a monarch free Region where term limit is making self perpetuating rule history, one expected the longest serving President in the ECOWAS region to make a major announcement that would make Gambia to catch up with the political culture of limiting the term of the executive and putting a definitive end to the culture of coup and autocratic rule in West Africa.
In the same vein, one expected the scraping of the Elections (Amendment) Act and the appointment of a New Chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission to replace Mr Mustapha Carayol, whose two term limit of 14 years has expired.
Foroyaa would like to remind President Jammeh that he has a duty not to isolate the Gambia from the international community by propagating political views which have been discredited and will sooner or later be dumped into the scrap heap of history. No leader in the 21st Century could be President for life.
This is the verdict of history and it is irreversible.

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