Abdoulai G. Dibba

The Managing Director of the National Food Security Corporation (formerly GGC) Anthony  Carvalho said the price of the current stock of fertilizer is D950 per 50 kilogramme bag.

He made this explanation at his office in Saro yesterday.

MD Carvalho explained that the fertilizer his corporation has currently in stock is of good quality; it was produced in June 2016 and received by his corporation in August 2016.

Mr Carvalho noted that this fertilizer is available at all the provincial depots of the corporation to the farming community at D950, the same as last year’s price.

With regard to the new consignment they are expecting, MD Carlvalo noted that the price will be determined by the exchange rate of the Dollar, the purchasing price at the country of import and the transportation cost.

“Once the cost is calculated, we will be able to inform the public the price for the new consignment” he stated.

He concluded that their fertilizer is of high quality, produced in June 2016 and will expire in June 2108.


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